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Nadi Law is an employment law firm on the border of Whitby and Oshawa representing both employees and business owners with any type of employment-related legal issue.  Perhaps you are an employee who has recently been let go and need some advice on your severance package.  Or perhaps you are a business owner and wish to properly defend yourself against a wrongful dismissal lawsuit commenced by one of your former employees.  Whatever your legal issue is, if you are looking for an Oshawa based employment lawyer, please contact our office today!

Our team consists of experienced employment lawyers with over a decade of experience in litigation.  We have helped countless numbers of employees, business owners and companies within Oshawa and the surrounding regions with their employment issues.

Our clients face a variety of differing employment issues including:

  • Wrongful Dismissal
    • This is potentially an issue almost any time there is a termination of employment. Anytime termination is being considered, please consult with one of our Oshawa employment lawyers as soon as possible so you are aware of the steps you should take to better your case.
  • Severance Package Review/Negotiation
    • Do not sign a release before speaking to one of our employment lawyers in Oshawa to ensure any severance package being offered is consistent with your entitlement under the law in Ontario
  • Academic Misconduct Hearings
  • Professional Misconduct Hearings
  • Employment contract drafting / review
  • Breach of Non-compete / Non-solicit clauses
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Human Rights violations at the workplace
  • Complaints under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Complaints under the Canada Labour Code
  • Complaints under the Employment Standards Act
  • And many more…

The above list provides some examples of the employment issues our office regularly handles.  Feel free to contact our office if you would like to speak to an employment lawyer in Oshawa to see if we can assist!

At our heart, the lawyers at Nadi Law are a team of litigation lawyers.  We regularly litigate matters for our clients at courthouses and in front of tribunals all across Ontario.  Therefore, if your matter needs to go to trial, our lawyers are ready and willing to vigorously defend your interests at trial.

However, here at Nadi Law we also understand that many of our clients prefer to work out a fast and amicable resolution of their matter.  Perhaps you wish to avoid trial and simply wish to have a knowledgeable lawyer on your side to negotiate on your behalf and maximize a potential settlement in your favour.

At Nadi Law, most of our employment cases do settle.  So rest assured that we are experts in negotiation and this area of law in Ontario.  Therefore, we can oftentimes avoid lengthy and costly litigation through negotiation and settlement.  However, we are prepared to commence litigation and see it through to the end whenever necessary.  Sometimes, simply having a team of lawyers on your side who are prepared to litigate actually helps achieve a settlement; because the opposing party knows you are serious!

When you retain the team of Oshawa based employment lawyers at Nadi Law, note that you are in fact hiring a “team” of lawyers.  We regularly collaborate and work together on all of our matters.  Therefore, you are getting a team of experienced lawyers who will diligently work on your behalf to achieve the best possible outcome in your matter.

If you are in the market for an employment lawyer in Oshawa, please call our office today at (905) 668-9422.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In Ontario, the law allows an employer to terminate an employee without cause.  This means the employer is not required to provide a reason for the termination.  However, a termination without cause triggers an employee’s right to notice and perhaps termination pay.  The rules regarding how much notice is necessary is determine by many factors.  There are considerations under the Employment Standards Act as well as the common that are applicable and an experienced employment attorney can provide you legal advice as to the appropriate amount of notice or termination pay that would be applicable in your case.

The term “severance package” is often confused with the idea of “notice” or “termination pay”.  In Ontario, the Employment Standards Act regulates an employee’s right to severance.  The entitlement to severance under the Employment Standards Act will depend on whether you have worked for your company for at least 5 years, whether you are part of a substantial layoff of a large number of people, or whether your company is large enough to have a sufficient payroll to trigger the severance provisions under the Act. Hire our dedicated employment lawyers in Oshawa determine your precise entitlement. Call (905)-668-9422.

Employment contracts are just like all other contracts.  The idea is to have an agreement so all parties are aware of the significant terms of employment such as the compensation structure, hours of employment, title of position, job responsibilities, termination provisions and restrictive covenants.

However, please keep in mind that most businesses will hire an employment lawyer to draft the employment contract in such a way to protect their interests.  Our office has drafted a large number of employment contracts to protect the interests of each our business clients that has saved them  significant sums of money in situations where the employment relationship does not work out.

Whether you are a employee or business client, it is prudent for you to have an experienced employment attorney review your employment contract to ensure your interests are protected.

A settlement agreement in the context of a termination is a written agreement that establishes the terms and conditions of an employee’s departure & separation from an organization. It will usually cover the compensation structure for any outstanding payments flowing from the employer to the employee upon their termination.  Oftentimes, a settlement agreement will be accompanied by a full and final release which is signed by the employee relinquishing any right to file a future claim against their employer with respect to their employment.

If you’re looking for a reliable employment lawyer in Oshawa, get in touch with us today.