Frequently Asked Questions

*Please be advised that the following Criminal and Employment Law FAQ’s (corresponding questions and answers) are not comprehensive legal explanations. Rather, the questions and answers are designed to provide a brief, general, and basic description / understanding of some of the most common questions and answers regarding criminal or employment proceedings and related topics. The answers may vary depending on the particular issue and circumstance; as such, the content of this FAQ section is not actual legal advice. Do not use or otherwise rely on, any of the content contained within the FAQ section without first seeking proper legal advice.*

How much does Nadi Law charge?

Please contact our office and speak with Adib Nadi for a quote.  Whether your matter concerns criminal or employment law, the cost will depend on the complexity and amount of time needed for your legal representation. For example, a matter which results in a withdrawal of charges will cost significantly less than a two-week jury trial.

Why should I choose Nadi Law to represent me as my lawyer?

In an ideal world, there would be no need to hire a lawyer.  However, as unfortunate as it may be, we all face occasions in our lives where the services of a criminal or employment lawyer may be needed.  There are many attorneys out there, so the decision of who to hire can be daunting.  When making that decision, you should feel confident that the lawyer you choose has the requisite experience and competence in the practice area in question.


The number of years practicing should also not be the only factor you consider when determining whether the lawyer you hire has the necessary skills and experience to best represent your interests.  The type of experience matters as well.  After all, how helpful would a lawyer with 20 years of experience be if your matter goes to trial and they have only conducted a handful of trials?  Mr. Nadi has over 8 years of experience as a criminal and employment litigator and has conducted well over 100 contested trials during his career.


The nature of criminal and employment litigation is that there are no guarantees.  However, whichever lawyer you hire, you should leave the initial client meeting feeling confident in their ability to best represent your interests.  The cost for an attorney is not trivial, therefore, you should have confidence that there is value in hiring this specific lawyer.  Mr. Nadi strives to ensure every client he meets with leaves with that impression.


And lastly, since Mr. Nadi is a sole practitioner, if you choose to hire him, he, and he alone will be your lawyer.  Oftentimes at larger firms, a client will initially meet with a senior lawyer in the firm, and after the retainer has been paid, the file will be given to one of the more junior lawyers at the firm to do most of the work.  This is especially true if the client cannot pay as high a retainer as other clients.  While this may be an effective business strategy, this means that the lawyer you meet with may not be the person that is doing most of the work on your case.  At Nadi Law, Adib Nadi will be the lawyer working on your case.  This means you get the entire benefit of his skillset and experience, no matter the retainer amount that is agreed upon.

What if I have more questions?

Feel free to call or e-mail using the contact information listed on the website.  If Mr. Nadi is not immediately available, he will respond within 24 hours.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept Cash, Cheque, Money Order and all major credit cards.

But isn’t it advantageous to hire a bigger firm because that means I get a whole team to work on my file, and not just one lawyer?

Practically speaking, in both criminal and employment law, a case will normally get assigned to one specific lawyer in the firm.  Within a firm, lawyers do ask questions and bounce ideas off each other, however, that is also typical for all lawyers, whether they work as sole practitioners or in a larger firm.  Most experienced lawyers have a network of other experienced lawyers they maintain regular contact with so they can discuss issues and bounce ideas off each other. Mr. Nadi is no exception to this rule and has a network of experienced lawyers and judges he discusses issues with when he encounters complex novel legal issues.  Clearly, client information will always be kept confidential, however, the discussion of legal issues is common.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the Nadi Law office or submit a inquiry online.