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Have you recently been terminated from your job?  Do you believe your termination was due to discrimination?  Upon termination, were you given a sufficient severance package?   Or were you fired and wrongfully terminated? Whatever the reason, the loss of employment can affect an individual’s life in a traumatic way.  Whether an employee is wrongfully dismissed, constructively dismissed or simply laid off; the sudden loss of income is an experience that none of us wish to face.

If you received an offer for a severance package, you may feel lucky that you received anything at all.  As a result, most employees who are terminated simply accept the severance package they are offered and sign all release documents before speaking to an Employment Lawyer.  Consequently, many employers routinely offer inadequate severance packages to employees.

When an employee is terminated with cause, or fired, they are let go without any type of notice or severance package.  Since this is a very drastic form of termination, the law requires very specific conditions to be met for an employer to take such action.  Most employers have insufficient reasons for such a drastic form of termination. Therefore, these employees are being wrongfully dismissed and are in fact entitled to an award of damages.

Adib Nadi is the principal lawyer at Nadi Law.  He is an experienced Employment Lawyer and has extensive experience defending the rights of employees who have been terminated. He represents employees facing the following issues:

  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Termination without cause (Employee lay off)
  • Negotiation of Severance Pay/Severance Packages
  • Discrimination at the workplace (Human Rights Violations)

Having significant experience dealing with these issues, Adib Nadi has negotiated and obtained significant awards of damages for his clients, providing some temporary financial relief during such a stressful time in their lives.  Do not just hire any Employment Lawyer, trust the experience and expertise of Nadi Law!

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