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Nadi Law is an employment law firm centrally located in Newmarket, ON, Canada.  We are a team of experienced employment lawyers representing clients within Newmarket and the surrounding areas. We have significant experience representing both employees and business owners with any type of employment law issues. If you are looking for an experienced employment lawyer in Newmarket, please contact Nadi Law today!

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Our Newmarket office is located at 17075 Leslie Street, Newmarket, ON. It is only a five-minute drive from the Superior Court of Justice courthouse location in Newmarket. Therefore, we are centrally located within the city if you wish to schedule a consultation. We also offer consultations through videoconferencing (such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other video conferencing software) for clients who prefer to meet virtually.

Employment Cases We Handle

The following list provides an example of the type of legal issues we regularly offer assistance with:

  • Wrongful Dismissal
    • Whether you are an employee or business owner, wrongful dismissal can be an issue anytime there is a termination of employment
  • Severance Package review and negotiation
  • Employment Contract review and drafting
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Breach of non-compete and/or non-solicitation clauses
  • Human Rights violations at the workplace
  • Canada Labour Code complaints and issues
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act complaints and issues
  • Employment Standards Act complaints and issues

The above list simply provides an example of the types of issues we deal with. If you are looking for an employment lawyer in Newmarket, feel free to contact us and speak with one of our lawyers today!

We work together as a team and collaborates on each of our files.  That means when you retain Nadi Law to represent you or your business, you are hiring a team of lawyers who will work diligently to ensure your interests are protected no matter what direction your matter is heading.

Hire Employment Contract Lawyer

Our Newmarket lawyers also understand that you or your business may not want to get caught up in lengthy litigation that may take years to resolve.  Instead, you may wish to simply have an experienced employment lawyer on your side to negotiate an amicable settlement on your behalf ensuring any resolution is fair and reasonable according to the law in Ontario and Canada.

Rest assured that our team of experienced employment lawyers in Newmarket commences each matter with good faith negotiations with the opposing party in hopes of settling the matter. In fact, most of our employment cases settle. Therefore, we have significant experience and are extremely efficient in using effective negotiation strategies to work out a reasonable settlement that fully protects your interests or the interests of your business.

We are also a team of experienced trial and litigation lawyers.  Therefore, if a settlement is not possible, we are ready and willing to represent you and be a strong advocate for you or your business at trial or before a tribunal.  Sometimes, just knowing that you have a team of lawyers ready to go to trial on your behalf can help with negotiating an early settlement of the matter.  This is because the other side knows you are serious.

Whatever your employment legal issue may be, contact us today and speak to an experienced employment lawyer today! Dial (289) 470-5350 and give us a call!

Frequently Asked Questions

At Nadi Law, we recommend you hire an experienced employment lawyer in Newmarket when you are –

  • Wrongfully dismissed or terminated
  • Workplace harassment or discrimination
  • Starting a new job or negotiating a contract
  • Dispute with your employer

Please feel free to call us at (289) 470-5350.

The time that an employment tribunal takes can vary depending on a number of factors, including –

  • the complexity of the case
  • the number of witnesses
  • the availability of tribunal members. 

In general, straightforward cases with limited evidence can be resolved within 8-12 months, while more complex cases can take a year or more to complete.

The distinction between an independent contractor and an employee is significant in terms of legal obligations and liabilities for employers. Here are some of the key differences:


Works under the control and direction of an employer, who dictates the work they do and how it is done.

Receives a regular wage or salary from the employer and is entitled to various benefits, such as vacation pay and sick leave.

Employers have legal obligations to their employees, including providing a safe and healthy workplace, complying with employment standards legislation, and ensuring that employees are not subject to harassment or discrimination of any kind.

Independent Contractor

An independent contractor has greater control over the work they perform and the methods they use to do it.

Generally paid a flat fee or project-based compensation and is not entitled to employee benefits.

These obligations do not apply to independent contractors.

Each lawyer evaluates cases in their own way, so the fees they charge can vary. However, we are known for providing high-quality services that are affordable and won’t break the bank.

Call us at (289) 470-5350 To know about our fee structure in detail. 

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