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Contact Nadi Law today to speak with one of our experienced employment lawyers in Markham, Ontario!  Whether you are an employee or business owner, our office can help with any type of employment related legal inquiry.  We regularly represent clients in Markham and the surrounding York region with issues such as wrongful dismissal, severance package review and many others.  If you are looking for a Markham based employment lawyer, please contact Nadi Law today!

We have an office conveniently located close to Markham in Newmarket, ON.  Therefore, you can schedule a consultation either in person in one of our local offices or through videoconferencing.

Our team of experienced lawyers have been practicing law for over a decade.  In terms of the types of legal matters we regularly assist our clients with, the following list provides some examples of issues we deal with regularly:

  • Wrongful Dismissal
    • This is potentially an issue every time an employee is terminated, whether it is with cause or without cause, so please contact an employment lawyer in Markham anytime there is the possibility of a termination of employment
  • Human Rights complaints at the workplace
  • Severance Package review/negotiation
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Professional Misconduct / Academic Misconduct Hearings
  • Breach of Non-compete / Non-solicitation clauses
  • Complaints under the Employment Standards Act
  • Complaints under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Complaints under the Canada Labour Code
  • Employment contract review/negotiation
  • Any many more…

No matter the employment law issue you are dealing with, feel confident that the Markham based employment lawyers at Nadi Law have the requisite expertise to assist!

At our heart, we are a team of litigation lawyers.  This means we have represented clients at various levels of courts and tribunals including the Superior Court of Justice, the Human Rights Tribunal, the Canadian Industrial Relations Board, and various administrative tribunals for professional misconduct hearings.  Therefore, know that if your matter requires going to trial or before a tribunal, we can represent you and ensure your interests are fully protected.

However, here at Nadi Law we understand that many of our clients may not wish to have a lengthy and costly trial or hearing.  They may simply wish to have a knowledgeable employment lawyer in Markham on their side to negotiate and work out an amicable settlement of their matter.  Rest assured that our office uses effective negotiation strategies to work out fair and reasonable settlements for our employment law cases.  In fact, most of our employment matters do settle.  However, if settlement is not possible, know that you also have knowledgeable trial lawyers who are ready and willing to litigate!  In fact, sometimes having a lawyer who is ready and willing to go to trial helps with working out a settlement; since the opposing side knows you are serious!

When choosing Nadi Law as your employment lawyer in Markham, please note that you are in fact getting a “team” of lawyers on your side.  At our office, we work together and collaborate on each and every one of our matters.  Therefore, you are effectively getting a team of lawyers working diligently on your behalf to obtain the best possible outcome in your matter.

So if you are looking for an employment lawyer in Markham, please do not hesitate to contact Nadi Law today at (289) 470-5350

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