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If you have been charged with a criminal offence in Vaughan, ON by the York Regional Police, you will likely have an upcoming court appearance in the Newmarket criminal courthouse located at 50 Eagle Street West, Newmarket, ON.

Getting charged with a criminal offence can be a daunting and stressful time in your life. The process becomes significantly worse if you do not have an experienced Criminal Lawyer Vaughan by your side to defend you against the charges. Preferably, the lawyer should have local experience within the jurisdiction in order to be familiar with the judges and crown attorneys within the courthouse.

The lawyers at Nadi Law have several years of experience defending clients from Vaughan and the surrounding cities within the York Region at the Newmarket courthouse. We have worked with many crown attorneys within the courthouse to obtain favourable resolutions for our clients. If you are looking for the best vaughan criminal lawyer, please note we have fought and won heavily contested trials in front of the various judges within the courthouse both in the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice.

Although Nadi Law defends clients from all across the Greater Toronto Area, our office is very familiar with the city of Vaughan and the local police district. Vaughan is served by the York Regional Police #4 district which is located at 2700 Rutherford Road, Vaughan, ON. When choosing to hire one of the lawyers at Nadi Law, understand that you will be getting a cunning and experienced Dui lawyer vaughan serving the Toronto market but with strong familiarity of the local region, judges and practices.

One of our offices is conveniently located in Newmarket about 5 minutes away from the courthouse at 17075 Leslie Street Newmarket, ON. Our office also has significant experience defending clients facing a wide variety of criminal charges including (but not limited to) dui lawyer vaughan and the following:

  • Drinking and driving related offences (DUI / Impaired / Over 80)
  • Assault (Both common assault and domestic assault)
  • Assault causing bodily harm/Aggravated assault
  • Sexual Assault
  • Break and Enter
  • Possession of Narcotics
  • Possession for the Purpose of Trafficking (Narcotics) / Trafficking
  • Importation of Narcotics
  • Production/Cultivation of Narcotics
  • Robbery
  • Fraud
  • Fail to Comply (Undertaking / Recognizance / Probation)
  • Dangerous Driving

Please understand that defending against a criminal charge is a long process. If your matter goes to trial it is very possible or even likely that you will have to wait over a year before your matter reaches trial. This means you will have to work with a Vaughan criminal lawyer for such a lengthy period of time in order to prepare your defence.

You must trust that your Dui lawyer vaughan has the experience and competence to properly defend you no matter how serious the allegations. Despite being charged, you are presumed innocent until proven guilty. You can rest assured that our office will do everything possible to ensure your interests are properly protected throughout the process.

Our experienced criminal lawyers Vaughan have fought and won hundreds of contested hearings both in the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice. This includes bail hearings, bail reviews, preliminary inquiries, judge alone trials in the Ontario Court of Justice, judge alone trials in the Superior Court of Justice and Jury Trials.

Our office has also negotiated very favourable resolutions for our clients depending on the circumstances. Given our history within York region as a Vaughan criminal lawyer and a DUI lawyer in Vaughan , we have worked with crown attorneys within the Newmarket courthouse if it is in our clients’ best interests.

If you have been charged with a crime, including a DUI or any other type of criminal offence, and are in need of a lawyer, please contact our office today, and schedule a consultation with one of our experienced lawyers to see how we can help!

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Frequently Asked Questions

A criminal lawyer defends an individual who is facing charges under the Criminal Code of Canada or the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. These are criminal offences in which if an individual is found guilty, they could get a criminal record and possibly face jail time.

A personal injury lawyer will represent an individual who has been injured through the actions of another party and is looking to sue the responsible party for financial compensation.

DUI charges can be very complex, expect to spend at least $5000 – $10,000 towards your legal fees. If you are found guilty for a DUI, you will get a criminal record and lose your license for a very long period of time. Therefore, you should hire an experienced DUI lawyer to defend you against these charges.

A criminal lawyer’s role is to defend and represent you against your criminal charges, at every step in the criminal proceedings. Ideally, the criminal lawyer will help get the charges against you dismissed. However, if that is not possible nor desired by the client, the lawyer will help you navigate the criminal system and ensure the best possible outcome is the result in your matter.

The most common criminal charges include Drinking and Driving offences (DUI – Impaired or Over 80), Domestic Assault, Sexual Assault.

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