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Employment legal issues can get quite complicated whether from the perspective of the employer or employee.  Perhaps you are a local business owner in Vaughan, ON and wish to find an employment lawyer in the region who can draft and review a properly enforceable employment contract for your employees.

Or perhaps you are an employee who has been recently let go by a company and wish to hire an employment lawyer in Vaughan who can review your severance package and potentially get you a better termination package?  Or perhaps you have been fired for just cause and wish to sue your employer for wrongful dismissal?  Your job represents so much more than a source of income, and the Canadian legal system has implemented various measures to protect the interests of employees when facing grave consequences such as termination.  The other party will likely have a lawyer representing their interests, make sure to contact Nadi Law to ensure your interests are fully protected.

Regardless if you are an employee or employer in Vaughan, consider speaking with one of the lawyers at Nadi Law to discuss your employment related legal issue. Our team has significant ties to the York region and Vaughan area.  One of our offices is centrally located in Newmarket, ON and our employment lawyer vaughan have been practicing law in the region for many years.

Employment Legal Issues We Can Assist You In Vaughan

  • Wrongful Dismissal
  • Constructive Dismissal
  • Severance / Termination package negotiations
  • Human Rights violations at the workplace
  • Employment Standards Act violations
  • Occupational Health and Safety Act violations
  • Drafting/Review of employment contracts
  • Drafting/Review of independent contracts

Whether your matter is a simple matter in which you need a legal opinion on an employment contract, or a complicated lawsuit in which you need representation in the Superior Court of Justice or the Human Rights Tribunal, feel confident that the team at Nadi Law will be able to effectively advocate for your interests.

As mentioned earlier, our team has worked in the York region assisting clients in Vaughan for many years. Our Newmarket office is located at 17075 Leslie Street, Newmarket, ON. We even offer consultations through videoconferencing so you have the option of meeting with an experienced Vaughan employment lawyer in person or virtually.

Despite having a local office and serving the Vaughan community for many years, our lawyers have significant experience representing employees and employers all across the Greater Toronto area. Therefore, although we offer the convenience and familiarity of being a local law firm, rest assured that when hiring Nadi Law, you are getting a highly experienced and professional team of employment lawyers in Vaughan that will rigorously advocate on your behalf and represent your interests.

The first step would be to contact our office to schedule the initial consultation.  From there, we will discuss your legal issue and develop a plan of action tailored towards your particular circumstances. If it is necessary for my office to be retained in order to represent you, our team will work with you each step of the way. Navigating through the legal complexities and advising you on your options whenever necessary. We have significant experience in the Superior Court of Justice, the Human Rights Tribunal, and the Canadian Industrial Relations Board.

Hire Vaughan’s Leading Employment Lawyer

Whatever your legal issue may be, if you are in need of an employment lawyer, feel confident in the competence and expertise in our team at Nadi Law!

Dial (289) 470-5350 to book an appointment to discuss your employment matter with a professional employment lawyer in Vaughan today.

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Some lawyers only represent companies and businesses. Conversely, some employment lawyers only represent employees. Here at Nadi Law, we represent both employers and employees, so both companies and individuals.

Employment Insurance is meant for situations where you are laid off or take specified leave of absence and are no longer making income. Please consult with one of our lawyers if you have further questions and would like to schedule a consultation.

We offer differing fee structures depending on your preference and which lawyer you work with. Please contact our office for a quote.

Wrongful Dismissal, Constructive Dismissal, Human RIghts Issues, Termination with cause, Termination without cause, Severance Pay.